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the long center

More round than long, the Long Center is our performing arts locale, and we think it’s just fab. Since Austin is big about recycling, even the building is recycled, including the greenish tiling from the previous building on site and the Saturnish ring that loops about the front.

interwebs701 west riverside drive; (512) 457-5100

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daniel johnston’s graffiti

Daniel Johnston is a local songwriter, an odd one at that, who used to pepper the town with homemade cassettes (yes, we have a few). Although never a commercial success, Daniel has been recognized by a number of famous musicians who have helped his career, if not his life, along. One of his iconic images is of a long-eyed frog painted onto the side of a building along the drag (formerly a record store when brick and mortar for music stores was still cool). And it is still there today in all its glory.

21st and guadalupe street

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