top5 weird:

museum of ephemerata

An odd collection of whatnot and performance art that wouldn’t be out of place in a warped version of a P.T. Barnum traveling circus show. Generally open for viewings on Saturdays.

interwebs; 1808 singleton avenue;

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cathedral of junk

Vince Hanneman has created the most unique piece of art in the city with his Cathedral of Junk. If he’s there, and he’s in a good mood, he’ll let you in his back yard to see this gorgeous thing.

interwebs4422 lareina drive

roller derby

The all grrl roller derby renaissance started in Austin, and we now have two (count ’em: two!) roller derby leagues, one flat track and one banked track. Flat track is more fun since you might get your teeth knocked out by ladies named Miss Conduct, Helena Handbasket, Polly Urethane, or Ali Mony if you sit too close. Punk rock at intermission rounds out the mayhem.

texas rollergirls

texas roller derby

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chicken. sh!t. bingo!

Every Sunday at the Little Longhorn, the chicken is brought in from the back for world famous “chicken sh!t bingo.” Said chicken and a bingo board are placed in a cage and, as the chicken (ahem) fertilizers said bingo card, letter-numbers are called out. No shit: BINGO!
interwebs; 5434 burnet road; (512) 458-1813

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the chopp shopp

File this under “too good to be true (but true nonetheless)”. Austin’s go-to doctor for vasectomies is none other than Richard Chopp. That’s correct, Dr. Dick Chopp (and he does indeed go by “Dick”). Stop in for a card, a photo with the sign, or (ahem) a little work on the plumbing…

interwebs11410 jollyville road, suite 1101

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other weird:

hippie hollow

Believe it or not, Austin has a county-sanctioned clothing optional park on Lake Travis. We were there (via boat) many, many years ago, and the scene could be summed up thusly: those who shouldn’t have been naked were, and those that should have been naked were not. This is the only legal nude beach in Texas. Bring lots of sunscreen!

interwebs7000 comanche trail

gorilla run