There are many ways to tour this town. Here are some options:

tour by duck

If you like riding around town in a large vehicle and quacking at people, then Austin Duck Adventures is for you. They roll you around the major sights and sounds and then plop you into the drink. Be sure to wear your feathers!

interwebs; 602 east fourth street; (512) 4-SPLASH

tour by segway

If ducks ain’t your thing, then try, perhaps, the Segway, the goofy two-wheeled self-propelled personal transporter. I was once at a conference downtown when I saw a bum on a Segway being chased by police on mountain bikes. Suh-wheat! Be sure to wear a helmet!

interwebs; 1403 lavaca street; (512) 499-0331

IMG_2450_2.JPG IMG_2450_2.JPG IMG_2450_2.JPG

tour by bike

Austin is loaded with hike and bike trails, especially down by the lake. Rent a bike from Mellow Johnny’s, Lance Armstrong’s local bike business, and put your pedals to the mettles.

interwebs; 400 nueces street; (512) 473-0222

tour by electric bike

Maybe you’re not so much into pedaling…

interwebs; 402 west second street; (512) 422-2453

tour by foot

If you don’t like that fancy transportation mentioned above, you can always go by foot. Be sure to wear your shoes!

historic walking tours

tour by horse carriage

Bring some carrots for tips!

interwebs; (512) 243-0044

tour by double-decker bus

Just like London! (kinda!)

interwebsvarious locations; (512) 596-2925

tour by paddle

We like our watersports in Austin, so it’s not surprising you can tour by paddle.

interwebs1610 east riverside drive; (512) 804-2122

tour by helicopter

If you’re a flyboy or flygirl, you can fly over Austin!

interwebs; bud dryden airport, 10301 f.m. 969; (210) 921-2359

tour by stomach

You can certainly eat your way through this town…

interwebs; locations vary(512) 963-4545

tour by brew

..and definitely drink through this town:

interwebs; 1607 west sixth street; (512) 657-7334

tour by ghost

Even the dead want to show you around!

interwebs; 501 north IH 35; (512) 210-1869