The amount of good eatin’ in this town is simply insane, and we’ve really only just scratched the brisket bark…

the restaurant list

Here is a nearly comprehensive list of restaurants (of note) in Austin. We don’t seek to comprehensively list trailers because they are so ephemeral (and we don’t have time to keep up!), but we include trailers of note.

We’ve incorporated ratings for Texas Monthly (TM** or higher), Austin Monthly (AM, if they rate it, it’s worthy; AMbest), Austin-American Statesman (AAS-#.#, AAS-top50), Eater Austin’s Eater Essential (EE), and the Austin Chronicle (AC) and their First Plates list (ACfp). If we can find it, we include links to their full reviews. We’ve also included our own rating, aW, with links to our full review in the blog. AtoZtoB is an upcoming stop on our trip through the alphabet of Austin restaurants. There’s a slight preference toward reviewing north Austin restaurants because we also write reviews for the Allandale Neighbor.

Our rating scale means:

   –          meh [think twice]
   *         OK [it’ll get the job done]
   **       good [solid neighborhood joint]
   ***     damn good [we’ll definitely be back]
****   yippity-yikes that was amazeballs [fantastic; one of the best]
   ***** holy sh!t [transcendental; best of the best]
each $ = $10; cost is based on a typical dinner entree and appetizer (no drinks)
A place larger, bolder, and red as blood is a place we’ve eaten at. Crossed out means closed. 😦  The rest are TBE: to be eatin’!
Screen Shot 2019-02-09 at 2.43.54 PM.png recommended by someone somewhere
 Screen Shot 2019-02-09 at 7.39.00 PM.png  recommended by someone somewhere (and we can vouch)
Screen Shot 2019-02-09 at 1.49.46 PM.png one or two stars
Screen Shot 2019-02-09 at 1.50.09 PM.png  three stars
Screen Shot 2019-02-09 at 1.49.55 PM.png four or five stars


Abel’s on the Lake [www]
Abo Youssef Mediterranean Food (ACfp) [www] x
Acai Cafe Blenders & Bowls [www]
Acai Hut [www]
Ah Sing Den (TM**) [www] x

Alamo Drafthouse [www]

Alcomar (AM) [CLOSED]

ALC Steaks (AM) [www]


Almarah Mediterranean Cuisine [www]

Alta’s Cafe [www]

Amaya’s Taco Village [www]

Ancho’s [www]

Andiamo Italiano (AAS-6.5) [www] x

Anthem [tex-asian pub] [www]
Apis Restaurant & Apiary (AAS-9.5; ACfp; AtoZtoB) [www] x
Arborist [opening soon]
Arlo Grey (AM; TM**) [www] x
Arlo’s (ACfp) [www] x
– vegan burgers
Arpeggio Grill [www]
Artessano (ACfp) x
Artista Rosso [www]

Arturo’s Underground Cafe [www]

Asiana Indian Cuisine (ACfp) [www] x

Aster’s Ethiopian Restaurant (AM) [www] x

Asti (AM; TM**; ACfp) [www] x

ATX Cocina (AAS-7.0; aW****; ACfp)

what’s the deal? hi-end, chef’d up Mexican food; table-service
aW: food****; drink;****; atmosphere***; service****; instagrammability****
cost: $$$$$$
IMG_5770 IMG_5776 IMG_5778
Auguste & Marcel (TM**) [www] x

Austin Beer Garden Brewing Co. (ABGBs) (ACfp) [www] x

Austin Cheese Company [www]
Austin Daily Press [www]

Austin Diner (AM) [www] x

Austin’s Habibi [www]
Austin’s Pizza [www]

Avenue B Grocery [www] x

Aviary (AM; TM**; ACfp; a360aW****)

web&where: interwebs; 2110 South Lamar Boulevard; (512) 916-4445
what’s the deal? wine & chef’d-up tapasy dishes; table-service
aW: food****; drink; *****; atmosphere****; service*****; instagrammability****
cost: $$$
IMG_5531  IMG_5535  IMG_5530

Azul Rooftop Bar at the Westin [www]


Baby Acapulco [www]

Baby Greens [www]

The Backspace (AM) [www] x

The BackYARD at Waller Creek [www]

Baguette et Chocolat (AM) [www] x
Bakery Lorraine [www]
Balkan Cafe & Grill [www]
Bao’d Up (AM) [www] x
Bar Chi Sushi [www]

Barlata (AMbest; TM**; aW***)

web&where: interwebs1500 south lamar boulevard; (512) 473-2211
what’s the deal? real-deal catalan tapas; sit-down
aW: food***; drink; ***; atmosphere**; service**; instagrammability***
cost: $$$
IMG_5308  IMG_5578  IMG_5581

Barley Swine (AMbest; TM***; AAS-top50#5; ACfp; EEp; aW*****)

web&where: interwebs; 6555 burnet road; (512) 394-8150; reservations
what’s the deal? world class food for locavores; table-service
aW: food*****; drink;*****; atmosphere***; service*****; instagrammability*****
cost: $$$$$$$$$$ (tasting menu; could be less when ordering a la carte)
IMG_6130 IMG_6122 IMG_6125
Bar Peached [www]
Batch Craft Beer and Kolaches (AM; ACfp) [www] x
Baton Creole (ACfp) [www] x
BBG’s [www]
BBQ Revolution [www]

BD Riley’s Irish Pub [www]

The Bee Grocery

The Beer Plant (AMbest) [www] x

Be More Pacific (AM; ACfp; aW**)

web&where: interwebs; 7858 shoal creek boulevard; (512) 814-7423
what’s the deal? phood from the phillipines; table-service
overall: food**; drink;**; atmosphere**; service***; instagrammability***
cost: $$
IMG_1219 IMG_1218 (1) IMG_1215
Bennu Coffee [www]
Berry Austin [www]

Better Half (AM; TM**; EE; ACfp) [www] x

Biderman’s Deli (EE; ACfp) [www] x

Big Easy Bar & Grill
Big Kahuna

Bill Miller BBQ #35 (TM**) [www]

Bird Bird Biscuit [www]

Bistro Vonish

Black’s Barbecue [www]

Black Sheep Lodge

Black Star Coop (ACfp) [www] x

Blenders and Bowls [www]
Blue Cat Cafe [www]

Blue Dahlia Bistro (AM; ACfp) [www] x

Blue Star Kitchen + Bar (aW**)

Boiler Nine (AMTM**; ACfp; Aw****) [www]

Bob’s Steak & Chop House [www]
Bombay Dhaba (AM) [www] x
Bonchon [Korean; Round Rock; www]
The Bonneville [www]
Bottecelli’s [www]

Bouldin Creek Cafe (AM; EE; ACfp) [www] x

Brama (AM) [eastern european; www] x
Branch BBQ (TM**) [www] x
The Brewer’s Table (AM; TM**; AAS-top50#18; AtoZtoB) [www] x
The Brewtorium (ACfp) [www] x

Briggo Coffee [www]

Brodie Park Market

Broken Spoke [www]

Brown’s Bar-B-Que (TM****) [www] x
Buenos Aires Cafe (AM; EE) [www] x
Bufalina (AM; TM**; AAS-top50#15; EE; ACfp) [www] x

Bufalina Due (TM**; EE; AAS-top50#15)[www]

Buford’s Backyard Beer Garden [www]

Bullfight (AMbest)

Bun Belly (TM**) [www] x

Burger Bar [www]
Burgerim [www]
Burn Pizza + Bar

Burro Cheese Kitchen [www]

The Buzz Mill [www]


Cabo Bob’s Burritos (aW*)

web&where: interwebs; various
what’s the deal? local burrito joint run by beach bums; fast-casual
aW: food*; drink; -; atmosphere -; service*; instagrammability*
cost: $
cabo 01 cabo 03

Cafe Blue [www]

Cafe Express

Cafe Josie (TM**) [www] x

Cafe Malta [www]
Cafe Nena’I (AM; ACfp; AAS-9.0) [www] x

Café No Se (TM**; AAS-8.5; ACfp) [www] x

Cajun Pizza Place
Cane Rosso (TM**) [www] x

Cannon + Belle [www] x

Capital City Bakery [www]

The Capital Grille [www]

Carillon [www]


Caroline [www]
Carpenters Hall (AC) [www] x
Carve American Grille [www; summer 2019]
Casa Columbia (AM) [www] x

Casa De Luz (AM) [www] x

Casa Garcia’s

Casino El Camino (AM) [www] x

Cask Bar + Kitchen [www]
Caspian Grill [www]
Cava [www]
The Cavelier [www]

Cenote (AM; aW**)

web&where: interwebs; various; menus
what’s the deal? Coffee shop with good booze and food; counter service
aW: food**; drink;*; atmosphere**; service**; instagrammability**
cost: $$
img_6909 img_6911 img_6910
Central Machine Works Brewery [coming soon…]
Central Standard (AMbest; TM**; AAS-6.5; ACfp) [www] x
Charm Korean BBQ (AAS-top50#26; ACfp; AtoZtoB) [www] x
Chen’s Noodle House [www]

Cherrywood Coffeehouse (ACfp) [www] x

Chez Nous (AM; TM**; ACfp) [www] x


Chi’lantro (AM) [www] x

China Spice [www]

Chinatown (AM; TM**; ACfp) [www]

Chispas [www]
Chupacabra Cantina [www]
Churro Co. (ACfp) [www]

Chuy’s [www] x

Ciclo (AM) [www] x

Cielo Bistro Mexico [www]

Cipollina (AM) [www] x

Cisco’s (AM) [www] x

Citizen Eatery (ACfp; aW**)

web&where: interwebs; 5011 burnet road; (512) 792-9546
what’s the deal? chef’d up paleo and vegan; table-service
aW: food**; drink**; atmosphere**; service**; instagrammability**
cost: $$
IMG_0455 IMG_0456 IMG_0457

Clark’s Oyster Bar (AMbest; TM***; ACfp) [www]

The Clay Pit (ACfp) [www] x

Clive Bar

Coast (TM**)
Colleen’s Kitchen (AM; ACfp) [www]

Conan’s Pizza [www]

Confituras Little Kitchen (AM; ACfp) [www] x
Con Madre Kitchen [www]
The Connection

Contigo (AM; TM**; EE; AAS-top50#47aW**)

web&where: interwebs; 2027 anchor lane; (512) 520-1998
what’s the deal? ranch-style chow in a mod-rustic setting; table-service
aW: food**; drink; *; atmosphere*; service*; instagrammability**
cost: $$

IMG_5550  IMG_5538  IMG_5553
CookBook Bar & Cafe (AC) [www] x
Cool Beans [www]
Copper Restaurant & Dessert Lounge [www]

Corner [www]

Cosmic Coffee and Beer Garden (AM) [www] x
Counter 3.Five.VII (AMbest)
Counter Cafe (AC) [www] x
Counter Culture (AM) [www] x
Country Boyz Fixins [www]

County Line (AM) [www]

Cover 3 (TM**) [www] x

Craftsman [www]
Crawfish Shack and Oyster Bar (AM) [www] x

Crown and Anchor [www]

Cru: A Wine Bar (AM) [www]

Cuba512 (AM) [www] x
Curcuma (ACfp) x

Curra’s Grill [www]

Cuvee Coffee [www]

Cypress Grill


Dai Due (AMbest; TM**; AAS-top50#13; EE; ACfp) [www] x

Dai Due Taqueria x

Daily Juice (AM) [www]

Darcy’s Donkey (AM) [www] x

Darna [www]

Dart Bowl [www]

Daruma Ramen [www]

Dawn’s Thai Kitchen [www]

Dean’s One Trick Pony (burgers) [www]

Deckhand Oyster Bar & Seafood

Dee Dee (AMbestEE; ACfp; aW***)

web&where: interwebs; 2500 east 6th street
what’s the deal? northern Thai street food; trailer
aW: food***; drink;**; atmosphere* ; service*; instagrammability**
cost: $$
IMG_5793_HDR IMG_5796_HDR IMG_5805_HDR

Delray Cafe (ACfp) [www] x

DeSano Pizza Bakery (TM**) [www] x

Del Frisco’s Grill [www]
Dia’s Market
Din Ho (EE; ACfp) [www] x

Dirty Martin’s [www]

Discada (AM) [www] x
District Kitchen + Cocktails [www]
DK Sushi (AM) [www] x

Doc’s Backyard [www]

Doggie Style
Dolce Neve [www]
Domo Alley-Gato and Kare Ban Ban (EEreview; AtoZtoB) [www] x
Donkey Mo’s Korean Fried Chicken [www]
Don Japanese Kitchen (ACfp) [www] x
Donn’s BBQ (TM**) [www] x

Dos Batos (AM; aW****)

web&where: interwebs; 2525 west anderson lane; (512) 452-0001
what’s the deal? Freakin’ woodfired tacos! fast food
aW: food****; drink*; atmosphere*; service**; instagrammability**
cost: $
img_8255.jpg img_6506-1.jpg

Downtown Burgers [www]

Dragonbeard Kitchen [www]

drink.well. [www]

The Driskill Grill [www]

Dry Creek Cafe


Eastside Cafe (AM; EE)

East Side Pies (AM; EEp) [www] x

East Side Tavern (TM**) [www] x

Easy Tiger (AM) [www] x

Eberly (AM; TM**) [www] x

Eden East (AMbest; ACfp) [www] x

Eddie V’s Prime Seafood (AM) [www] x

Edge Rooftop Pool Bar and Cabanas [www]

El Alma Cafe (AM) [www] x

El Arroyo (AM) [www] x

El Azteca

El Borrego de Oro

El Chile

El Chipiron (AM; TM**; ACfp) x

Eldorado Cafe (AMbest; ACfp; Aw***)

web&where: interwebs; 3300 west anderson lane; (512) 420-2222
what’s the deal? respectfully chef’d up texmex
overall: food***; drink;***; atmosphere**; service**; instagrammability**
cost: $$
img_0498.jpg img_0497.jpg IMG_0880.jpg

Elizabeth Street Cafe (AM; AAS-top50#45; ACfp) x

El Mercado

El Meson
Emoji’s Grilled Cheese Bar (ACfp) x

El Naranjo (AM; TM****; AAS-top50#19EE; ACfp; aW**)

web&where: interwebs; 85 rainey street; (512) 474-2776; reservations
what’s the deal? quiet Oaxacan food on bizzy Rainey; table-service
aW: food***; drink;*; atmosphere*; service**; instagrammability**
cost: $$$$$
IMG_5693 IMG_5694 IMG_5702

El Patio

El Primo
El Sunzal (ACfp) x

Emmer & Rye (AMbest; ; TM***; AAS-top50#1, EE; ACfp; AtoZtoB) x

Empowered Coffee (aW**) [may reopen…]

web&where: interwebs; inside RunLab at 410 pressler street
what’s the deal?
 solid drip and some bites served up by friendly folks with developmental disabilities; fast casual
aW: food*; drink; **; atmosphere*; service****; instagrammability**
cost: $
IMG_5511  IMG_5512  IMG_5518

Enoteca Vespaio (EE) x

Epicerie (AM; EEp; ACfp) x

Epoch Coffee


Evangeline Cafe (EE) x


Fabi + Rosi (AM; AAS-top50#42; ACfp; AtoZtoB) x
Family Business Beer Co.

Fareground (AM; ACfp)

Fat Dragon

Fat Ni BBQ

Figure 8 Coffee Purveyors

First Watch Daytime Café (aW**)

web&where: interwebs; various
what’s the deal? breakfast chain doing it right; table-service
aW: food**; drink;*; atmosphere*; service*; instagrammability**
cost: $$
IMG_4940 IMG_4941

Fixe (AMbest; TM**; aW****)

web&where: interwebs; 500 west 5th Street; (512) 888-9133; reservations
what’s the deal? Chef’d-up southern fare with the best damn biscuits this side of the Seine; table-service
aW: food****; drink;***; atmosphere**; service**; instagrammability****
cost: $$$$

IMG_5858 IMG_5862 IMG_5860


Flamingo Hemp

Flat Track Coffee

Fleming’s Prime

Fleet Coffee Co.

Flitch Coffee

Flower Child (AM) x

Flyrite (Aw**)

web&where: interwebs; various; menus
what’s the deal? Chef’d up chicken sammiches with beer (and without homophobia); counter service
overall: food**; drink;*; atmosphere**; service*; instagrammability*
cost: $

Fogo de Chao

Fonda San Miguel (TM***; EE; ACfp) x

Foodheads (AM) x

Foreign & Domestic (AM; TM**; EE; AAS-top50#14; ACfp; aW****)

web&where: interwebs; 306 east 53rd street; (512) 459-1010
what’s the deal? seriously chef’d up farm-to-table; table-service
aW: food****; drink; ****; atmosphere****; service****; instagrammability****
cost: $$$
IMG_5479  IMG_5378  IMG_5482

Forthrights Café (AM) x
Foxhole Culinary Tavern

Frank (AM) x

Frank & Angie’s

Franklin’s Barbecue (AMbest; TMtop50BBQ[#2]; TM*****; AAS-top50#12; EE; ACfp) x

Frazier’s Long & Low
Freedman’s (TMtop50BBQ; TM****)

Fresa’s Chicken Al Carbon (AMbest; TM**; AAS-top50#36) x

Fresko Eats
Fricano’s Deli
Front Page Restaurant and Bar

Fukumoto (TM**) x

Full English Cafe



Gabrick Barbecue

Gabriela’s (TM**; aW***)

web&where: interwebs; 900 east 7th street; (512) 840-1569
what’s the deal? hi-fi Michoacán in a lo-fi setting; table-service
aW: food***; drink;***; atmosphere***; service***; instagrammability***
cost: $$$
IMG_5920 IMG_5916 IMG_5918
Garbo’s (AM; ACfp) x
Garrison (AM; TM**) x
Geraldine’s (TM**) x
Giovanni’s Pizza Stand
Goodall’s Kitchen (TM**) x


Gordough’s Public House (AMbest; AtoZtoB) x
Gossip Shack

G’raj Mahal (AM) x

Greater Goods Coffee Roastin Co.
Grizzelda’s (TM**; ACfp) x
The Grove Wine Bar and Kitchen (AM) x

Guero’s Taco Bar (AM) x

The Guild (ACfp) x

Gus’s World Famous Fried Chicken (AM; aW**)

web&where: interwebs; 117 san jacinto boulevard; (512) 474-4877
what’s the deal? Memphis-style hot chicken; table-service
aW: food**; drink;*; atmosphere**; service**; instagrammability**
cost: **
img_6101.jpg img_6099.jpg img_6102.jpg

Gusto (aW**)

web&where: interwebs; 4800 burnet road; (512) 458-1100
what’s the deal? italian in a hip setting; table-service
aW: food**; drink;**; atmosphere***; service**; instagrammability**
cost: $$$$
IMG_5663 IMG_5661 IMG_5665


Habana (AM) x
Habesha Restaurant and Bar (ACfp) x
Halal Brothers
The Halal Corner
Halal Guys

Halcyon (TM**) x

Hank’s (AM; TM**) x
Happy Chicks

Haru Sushi & Kushiyaki (ACfp; aW**)

what’s the deal? Ramen and kabobs; table-service
aW: food**; drink;*; atmosphere*; service**; instagrammability**
cost: $$
img_6788 IMG_6749


Hecho en Mexico (AM) x
Hestia (coming early 2019)
Hideaway Kitchen and Bar

High 5 (aW**)

web&where: interwebs; 2700 west anderson lane; menu
what’s the deal? Bowling and arcade with chef’d up food and rinks; table service
overall: food**; drink**; atmosphere**; service**; instagrammability**
cost: $$

img_7025 img_7023 img_7019

High Note
Hill’s Cafe (moving?)

Hillside Farmacy

Himalaya Kosheli Nepali and Indian Restaurant
Market Eatery at Hmart (TM**) x
Hoboken Pie


Ho Ho Chinese B.B.Q.

Holy Roller (AMbest; TM**; EE; AAS-top50#30; ACfp; aW****)

web&where: interwebs; 509 rio grande street; (512) 502-5119
what’s the deal? delicious brunch for the punk rock aspirational class; table-service
aW: food****; drink;****; atmosphere****; service****; instagrammability****
cost: $$$
IMG_5974 (1) IMG_5975 (1) IMG_5970

Home Slice Pizza (AM; AAS-top50#24; ACfp) x

Honest Mary’s (AM; ACfp) x

Hoover’s Cooking (EE) x

Hopdoddy x

Hopfields (AM; ACfp; EE; AAS-top50-18#22; AtoZtoB) x
Hops and Grain
Hotel San Jose
HOTeL Coffee

Houndstooth Coffee (AM) x

House of the Rising Tanuki-San
House Park Bar-B-Que
House Wine (AM) x
Hudson’s Hill Country (TM**) x

Hula Hut x

Hummus Among Us ATX (ACfp) x

Hunan Spicey

Hut’s Hamburgers


III Forks

Il Brutto (AMTM**; ACfp) x
Inchin’s Bamboo Garden

Independence Fine Foods



Intero (AM; TM**; AAS-8; ACfp; aW*****)

web&where: interwebs; 2612 east cesar chavez; (512) 599-4052; reservations
what’s the deal? eye-opening and inventive Italian; table-service
food*****; drink;****; atmosphere***; service****; instagrammability****
cost: $$$
IMG_6579 IMG_6581 IMG_6584

Irene’s (AM; TM**; ACfp; AtoZtoB) x

Iron Cactus

Iron Works BBQ (TM**) x

Italic (AM) x

It’s Italian Cucina (TM**) x


Jack Allen’s Kitchen (EE) x

The Jackelope (AM) x
Jacoby’s (TM**; ACfp) x
Jang’s Chirac Cafe

Jeffery’s (AMbest; TM***; EE; AAS-top50#17; ACfp) x

JeonJu Korean Grill (ACfp) x

Jester King

Jinya Ramen Bar
Joann’s Fine Foods (AM) [texmex] x

Jo’s Coffee (AM) x

Joe’s Bakery & Coffee Shop (ACfp) x
Josephine House (AM; TM**) x
JT Youngblood’s Texas Chicken (TM**)
Juana Taco

Juan in a Million (AM) x


Juice Girl

Juiceland (AM) x

Jules Design Bar
Julie Myrtille
Juliet Italian Kitchen (TM**; ACfp) x

Julio’s Cafe (AM) x

June’s (TM**) [orange wines and buratta plate]

June’s All Day (AAS-top50#20; ACfp; aW**)

web&where: interwebs; 1722 south congress avenue; menu; reservations
what’s the deal? A French-style bistro hugging SoCo; table service
overall: food**; drink***; atmosphere**; service***; instagrammability**
cost: $$$
IMG_7075 IMG_7079 IMG_7071

Juniper (AMbest; TM***; AAS-top50#9; ACfp) x

Justine’s (AM; EE; AAS-top50#41; ACfp; AtoZtoB) x


Kanji Ramen
Karam’s Tamale Company (ACfp) x

Kebobalicious (ACfp) x

The Kebob Shop

Kemuri Tatsu-Ya (AMbest; TM***; AAS-top50#6; EE; ACfp; Aw***) x

web&where: interwebs; 2713 east 2nd street; menu
what’s the deal? Texas barbecue-Japanese fusion in a lo-fi setting; table service
overall: food***; drink****; atmosphere***; service****; instagrammability***
cost: $$$
img_7165.jpg img_7154.jpg img_7173.jpg

Kerbey Lane Cafe (AM) x

Kerlin BBQ (TM****; EE) x
Kesos Tacos
Kicked Up Grub
Killa Wasi (ACfp) x

Kim Phung (AM) x

Kinda Tropical

King Bee Lounge

Kiwami Ramen (aW**) [CLOSED]

Knotty Deck and Bar
Kome Sushi (AM; TM**; ACfp; AtoZtoB) x
Kona Grill
Korean Komfort
Kreyol Korner (ACfp) x
Kurry Tacos (ACfp) x
Kyoten Sushiko (AMbest)


La Barbecue (AM; TMtop50BBQ; TM****; ACfp) x

La Bodega Gourmet
La Cafe Crepe

La Condesa (ACfp) x

Lady Quackenbush’s Cakery
La Fruta Feliz
La Matta (AM; TM**; AAS-top50#50; ACfp) x

Lamberts Downtown Barbecue (AM; TM****) x

La Mexicana Bakery (ACfp) x

La Patisserie Bakery (AM) x

La Pena
Las Trancas
Last Straw [tropical]
La Traviata (AM; TM**) x

Launderette (AMbest; TM****; AAS-top50#16; EE) x

Lavaca Teppan

La Volpe [italian + southern]

Le Bleu (AM; AC; AAS-top50#29aW****)

web&where: interwebs; 9070 research boulevard, suite 303; (512) 770-1100
what’s the deal? The best Vietnamese in town; fast-casual
aW: food****; drink;*; atmosphere*; service**; instagrammability****
cost: $$
Left Wing
Lefty’s Brick Bar

Lenoir (AM; TM***; AAS-top50#11; EE; ACfp; Aw****) x

web&where: interwebs; 1807 south first, menu
what’s the deal? Hot-climate locavore French cuisine; table service
overall: food****; drink***; atmosphere***; service****; instagrammability****
cost: $$$$

Le Politique (AM; ACfp) x

LeRoy & Lewis (AMbest; TM****; ACfp) x
L’estelle House (TM**) x
Li Hot Pot & BBQ
Licha’s Cantina (AM; AAS-top50#27; ACfp) x
Li’l Nonna’s
Lin Asian Bar + Dim Sum (AM; TM***) x
Little Barrel and Brown
Little Big Burger
Little Brother Bar
Little Woodrow’s
Live Oak Market [www]
Llama’s Peruvian Creole
L’Oca d’Oro (AMbest; TM**; AAS-top50#7; EE; ACfp; AtoZtoB) x
Lonesome Dove Western Bistro (TM**) x
Long Play Lounge
Look Noodles and More

Loro (AM; TM***; AAS-top50#46; ACfp) x

Lotus + Cleaver (AM) x


Lousiana Crab Shack

Lox, Box, and Barrel [CLOSED; may reopen]

Lua Brazil (ACfp) x

Lucky Lab Coffee Co.

Lucky Robot Japanese Kitchen

Lucky’s Puccias & Pizzeria

Lucy’s Fried Chicken (AM) x

Lucy’s on the Lake

Lunar Pizza


Madam Mam’s

MAD Greens
Madras Pavilion (AM)
Magical Dessert Bar

Magnolia Cafe (AM) x

Maiko (AM) [www] x

Mai Thai

Malibu Poke
Mama Fu’s Asian House

Mandola’s Italian Market (AM) x



Maria’s Taco Express (AM) x

Mattie’s at Green Pasture (AMbest; TM**; AAS-top50#33; ACfp) x

Matt’s El Rancho (AM) x

Max’s Wine Dive

Me Con Bistro (AM) x
Mellizoz Tacos (AM) x

Merit Coffee

MezzaMe (ACfp) x
Michelada’s Cafe y Cantina

Michi Ramen (TM**) x

Micklethwaite Craft Meats (AMbest; TMtop50BBQ; ACfp; AtoZtoB) x
Midori Sushi

Mi Madre’s (AM; ACfp) x

Modern Market

Monger’s Market + Kitchen (AMbest) x

Moonshine Patio Bar & Grill

Mother’s Cafe and Garden (AM) x

Mozart’s on the Lake

Mum Foods
Murphy’s Deli
Musashino Sushi Dokoro (TM**; EE) x
Mutt’s Canine Cantina
My Name Is Joe (TM**)


Nancy’s Sky Garden (ACfp) x
Native Bar & Kitchen (TM**; AtoZtoB) x

Nau’s Enfield Drug

Nekter Juice Bar

Nervous Charlie’s (aW**)

web&where: interwebs; 5501 north lamar; menu
what’s the deal? New York bagels with fixins’; fast casual
overall: food**; drink*; atmosphere*; service**; instagrammability**
cost: $
img_6793.jpg tzlfQuAOSdWxnuZoeJnmBg_thumb_3c406.jpg

N’Esperado [closed but looking for new location]
New Fortune

New World Deli (AM) x

Next Level Burger
Ng Cafe
Nickel City
Nicky’s Cafe
Nightcap (TM**; ACfp) x
Ni-Kome Sushi and Ramen
Nixta Taqueria [coming soon]
Nobibi [opening 2019]

Noble Sandwich Company (AMbest) x

NoNo’s Tacos

Noori’s Grill

North Italia

Nosh and Bevvy

Nueces Kitchen and Bar

Numero 28

NXNW Restaurant and Brewery


Oaks Sports Bar
Oasis Texas Brewing Company
Oasthouse Kitchen + Bar

Odd Duck (AMbest; TM***; AAS-top50#10; EE; ACfp) x

Oddwood Ales
Ok wood (TM**)
Olamaie (TM****; AMbest; AAS-top50#4; ACfp; AtoZtoB) x
Old School Bar & Grill
Old Thousand (AMbest; TM**; AAS-top50#48) x

Olive and June (AM; TM**) x

The Omeletry (AM)

Once Over Coffee Bar

OneTaco: An Urban Taqueria (aW*)

web&where: interwebs; various
what’s the deal? An urban taqueria; fast-casual
aW: food*; drink;*; atmosphere*; service*; instagrammability**
cost: $
onetaco-01.jpg onetaco-02.jpg
The Onion

Opal Divine’s

The Original Pancake House
Osteria Pronto
Otherside Deli (AC) x
Otoko (AMbest; TM**; AAS-top50#8; EE; ACfp) x
Oz. Tap House


P6 [www]

Pacha Organic Cafe

Papadom (ACfp) x
Papalote Taco House
Papa’s Grill Korean-Mexican Fusion
Paperboy (AM; ACfp) x
Paper Route Bakery

Parkside (TM***; AAS-top-50#23) x

Pars Deli


Patrizi’s (ACfp) x
Paul Martin’s
Peace Bakery

Peached Tortilla (AM; TM**; EE) x

Peli Peli

Perla’s (AM, TM***; AAS-top50#37; ACfp) x

Perry’s Steakhouse & Grille (TM**) x
Phara’s Mediterranean Cuisine & Christopher’s Casbah
Phoebe’s Diner (ACfp) x
Phoenicia Bakery & Deli
Phoenician Resto Cafe
Pho Please
Pho Saigon
The Pickle House

Picnik (AMbest; TM**; ACfp; Aw***) x

web&where: interwebs; 4801 burnet road
what’s the deal? Paleo without the “Whoa!”; table service
overall: food***; drink***; atmosphere***; service***; instagrammability***
cost: $$

Pieous (AMbest; AAS-top50#49) x
Pinch Boil House

Pinthouse Pizza (AM; ACfp) x

Piranha Killer Sushi
Pita House
Pitchfork Pretty (AMbest; AAS-top50#2; ACfp; AtoZtoB) x
Plaza Colombian Coffee
Poke-Poke (TM**) x

Polvo’s (AM) x

Pool Burger (AM) x

Posse East

Pour House Pub

Proof & Cooper

P. Terry’s (AM) x

Puli-Ra (AM; ACfp)


Quality Seafood Market (EE; ACfp; AtoZtoB) x

Quattro Gatti

Quickie Pickle


Radio Coffee and Beer (AM) x

Ramen Tatsu-Ya (AMbest; AWl***; AAS-top50#34; ACfp) x

Ranch 616 (aW****)

web&where: interwebs; 616 nueces; (512) 479-7616; menus; reservations
what’s the deal? Texas continental in a friendly setting; table service
aW: food****; drink;****; atmosphere****; service****; instagrammability****
cost: $$$$
img_7495.jpg img_7501.jpg img_7491.jpg
Ranch Hand
Ranger’s Sausage House and Beer Garden (AM) x
RA Sushi Bar
Rebel Cheese Vegan Deli & Wine Shop

Red Ash Italia (AMbest; TM***) x

Red’s Porch

Regal Ravioli
Rise Biscuit Donuts

Roaring Fork

Rockstar Bagels
Roland’s Soul Food and Fish (ACfp) x
Rolling Smoke Barbeque (TM**) x

Roosevelt Room

Ropolo’s Pizzeria

Rosedale Kitchen & Bar
Rosewood (TM**; AtoZtoB) x
Rosita’s Al Pastor (ACfp) x
Russell’s Bakery and Coffee Bar

Royal Blue Grocery

Royal Jelly (AM)

Ruby’s BBQ

The Russian House (AM; ACfp) x
Ruth’s Chris Steak House


Saffron Indian Fusion (AMbest; AAS-top50#38; ACfp) x
Saigon Le Vendeur (EE) x

Sala & Betty

Salt and Time Butcher Shop and Salumeria (AMbest; AAS-top50#32; ACfp) x

Salt Lick (AM) x

Salt Traders Coastal Cooking (AM) x

Salty Sow (AM; ACfp) x

Salvation Pizza x

SAM’s Bar-B-Que


Sangam Chettinad

Sarah’s Mediterranean Grill

Santa Rita Cantina (aW**)

web&where: interwebs; 1206 west 38thstreet; (512) 419-7482
what’s the deal? TexMex; table-service
aW: food**; drink;**; atmosphere*; service***; instagrammability*
cost: $$
IMG_5894 IMG_5895 IMG_5897
Sa-Ten Coffee and Eats (AM) x
Savor de Moi
Sawyer & Co.
Sazon (AM) x
Schaller’s Stube Sausage Bar

Scholz Garden

The Science Cream

Second Bar + Kitchen (TM**) x

Seventh Flag Coffee
S-H Donuts
Shack 512
She’s Not Here (AM) [asian-pacific] x

Shoal Creek Saloon

Shore Raw Bar and Grill
Sichuan River (EE) x
Siena Ristorante Toscana
Sip Pha
Sips and Sweets
Sixth and Waller
Ski Shores
Sloan + Parker (11/2019)
Snap Kitchen

Snooze (TM**) x

Snowy Village Dessert Cafe
Soto (AMbest; TM**) x

The Soup Peddler (AM) x

Sour Duck Market (AM; TM**; AAS-top50#25) x
Soursop (AM; ACfp) x

South Congress Cafe (AM) x

Southside Flying Pizza
Steamies Dumpling
The Steeping Room
Stella San Jac (AM) [www]

Stiles Switch (AM; TMtop50BBQ; TM****; ACfp) x

Stonehouse Coffee and Bar (AM)

Stoney’s Pizza
Stouthouse Coffee Pub
Street (TM**) x

Stubb’s BBQ

Sugar Momma’s Bakeshop (AM) x
Sugar Pine
Suerte (AM; TM***; AAS-top50#3, ACfp; AtoZtoB) [mexican] x

Summer Moon (aW**)

web&where: interwebs; various
what’s the deal?
 wood-fired coffee in a modern setting; fast-casual
aW: food*; drink; ***; atmosphere**; service*; instagrammability*
cost: $
Sundaze (ACfp) x
Super Burrito on 5th
Sushi Junai
Swad (AM; EE) x
Sway Modern Thai (AMbest; TM***; EE; AAS-top50#40; ACfp) x

Sweetish Hill Bakery Cafe & Deli

Sweet Chive (AM)

Swift’s Attic (AM; TM**) x

The Switch

Szechuan House


T22 Chicken Joint (ACfp; aW**)

web&where: interwebs; 7211 Burnet Road; (512) 520-1998
what’s the deal?
nashville-style hot chicken; table-service
aW: food**; drink; **; atmosphere*; service*; instagrammability**
cost: $$
29196877_10156560212455101_6783987954558697472_o  t22 04  29103922_10156559637510101_7611795102171660288_n 

Tacodeli (AMbest; TM**) x

Taco Flats

Taco-Mex (ACfp) x

Taco More

Taco Ranch

Taj Palace (AM) x

Tamale House East (EE) x
Tam Deli & Cafe

Tarka Indian Kitchen (AM) x

Taste of Ethiopia (AM; AAS-top50#44) x

The Tavern

Taverna Austin

TC Noodle House (AM) x
Tea Haus (AM) x
Ten Oak

Terry Black’s Barbecue (AM; TMtop50BBQ; TM****) x

Texas Chili Parlor

Texas French Bread (AM; TM***; AAS-top50#35) x

Texican Cafe
Thai Fresh
Thai Kun (AMbest; TM**; AAS-top50#31) x

Threadgill’s (ACfp) x

Thundercloud Subs

Tillery Bar and Cafe
Tillie’s [new american]

Tino’s Greek Cafe (AM) x

Tiny Boxwoods (TM**) x

Tiny Pies (AM) x

Tio Pepe Chicken
Titaya’s Thai Cuisine (ACfp) x
Tito Adobo (ACfp) x


TnT Tacos and Tequila
Tommy Want Wingy
Tomodachi Sushi (AM) x

Top Notch

Torchy’s Tacos (AMbest) x

Tous Les Jours (AM) x

Trace x

Trianon Coffee

Trill Taqueria

Trio (TM**)

Troy Restaurant
True Food Kitchen (AM; TM**) x
Truluck’s (AM; AtoZtoB) x
Tso Chinese Delivery
Tucci’s Southside Subs
Tuk Tuk (ACfp) x
Tyson’s Tacos


Uchi (AMbest; TM****; AAS-top50#21; EE; ACfp; AtoZtoB) x

Uchiko (AMbest; AAS-top50#20TM****; ACfp) x

Uncle Julio’s
Uncle Nicky’s (AM)
Uncorked Wine Bar
Unit D Pizzeria (TM**; ACfp) x

Upper Crust Bakery (AM) x

Uroko [coming soon]
UZeat (AM) x


Valentina’s TexMex BBQ (TMtop50BBQ; TM****; EE; ACfp)

Van’s Banh Mi (ACfp) x
Vaquero Taquero
The Vegan Nom
The Vegan Yacht

Veggie Heaven

Velvet Taco (TM**) x

Veracruz All Natural (AM; TM**; EE; AAS-top50#39; ACfp; aW****)

web&where: interwebs; various; fast-casual
overall: food****; drink;*; atmosphere**; service*; instagrammability****
cost: $
IMG_5525 IMG_5524 IMG_5523

Vespaio (ACfp) x

Via 313 (AMbest; EE; AAS-top50#43 ;ACfp) x

Vic’s Bar-B-Que (TM**)
Vida Pura Juicery
Vinaigrette (AM; TM**; AtoZtoB) x
Vince Young Steakhouse

Vino Vino (AM; TM**) x

Vista Brewing

Vixon’s Wedding [coming soon]

Voodoo Doughnuts

Vox Table


Waller Creek Pub House

Walton’s Fancy and Staple (AM; TM**) x

Wasota Vegan Paradise

Ways and Means Oyster House


Whiskey Tango Foxtrot Icehouse


Wholy Bagel

Wild Chix & Waffles (aW*)

web&where: interwebs; 7714 burnet road; (512) 888-9766
what’s the deal? Chicken and waffles in a funky coffee shop; fast-casual
aW: food*; drink;*; atmosphere**; service*; instagrammability**
cost: $$
Wild Wood Bakehouse
Wilder Wood Restaurant and Bar
Wild Gift Coffee
Wild Kitchen + Bar
Willie’s Bar-B-Q (TM**) x
Willow & Co.
Winebelly (AM; TM**) x

Winelair [COMING SOON]

Wink (AM; AAS-top50#28; ACfp) x

Winner Winner (ACfp) x
Woko Loco
Wright Brothers Brew and Brew (AM) x
Wu Chow (AMbest; TM**; ACfp; AtoZtoB) x


Xian Sushi and Noodle (EE; ACfp) x


The Yard at Waller Creek

Yard Bar [AM] x

Yard Milkshake Bar
Yellow Jacket Social Club
Yoshi Ramen Austin
Yummi Joy
Yuyo (AM; TM**; ACfp; AAS-7.5; AtoZtoB) x


Zaika Indian Contemporary Fusion


Zhi Tea (AM) x
Zocalo Cafe (AM) x

Z’Tejas Southwestern Grill x

Zucchini Kill (AM; AtoZtoB) x


III Forks (AM)

1886 Bakery (AM) x

24 Diner (AM) x

34th Street Cafe (aW**)

web&where: interwebs; 1005 west 34thstreet; (512) 371-3400
what’s the deal? quiet neighborhood spot; table-service
aW: food**; drink;**; atmosphere**; service**; instagrammability**
cost: $$$$
IMG_5643 IMG_5641 IMG_5642
40 North [pizza]
68 Degrees (TM**; AtoZtoB) x
827 Rays Kitchen + Cellar
888 Pan Asian Restaurant (EE; ACfp) x

torchy’s tacos

The best damn tacos in town.

location (1207 south 1st street; 512.366.0537; $)

other locations

IMG_2441.JPG IMG_0772_2.JPG IMG_2439.JPG

hey cupcake!

“original” location (1511south congress avenue; 512.476.CAKE; $)

IMG_2292.JPG IMG_2294.JPG IMG_2417.JPG

molly’s sno-cups

location (404 south lamar boulevard; $)

IMG_2411.JPG IMG_2409.JPG IMG_2412.JPG

east side kings

(various; $)

IMG_2411.JPG IMG_2409.JPG IMG_2412.JPG

ranch 616

One of our favorite local restaurants featuring Texicana fusion. Enjoy a ranch water before dinner and listen carefully to the specials. And be sure to eat a fried pie!

location (616 nueces street; 512.479.7616; $$$)

IMG_1576 IMG_1558.JPG IMG_0004.JPG

salt lick

location (18300 fm 1826, driftwood, texas; 512.858.4959; $$)

IMG_4370 IMG_4371 IMG_4374

coopers in llano

Legend has it around my office that I cried like a baby the first time I ate brisket from Cooper’s in Llano. I claim it was the onions. Nonetheless, those very well could have been tears of joy. It’s a bit of a haul outside of Austin, but you gotta drive to get the best, my friend. You gotta drive…

location (505 west dallas, llano, texas; 325.247.5713; $$)

IMG_1422 IMG_1426.JPG IMG_1424.JPG


Chuy’s is a junky (in a good way) Elvis worshipping kinda place where Jenna Bush got busted for underage drinking. Good TexMex, though, with an appropriate worshipping of green chile every fall. There are several across town, but this one is the quaintest (and where Jenna got busted).

location (1728 barton springs road; 512.474.4452; $)


Fancy bar-b-que is one way to describe Lamberts. Gol darn good que is another way. Everything is good, oh so good. Be sure to call for reservations, although they are not needed if you get there early.

location (401 west 2nd street; 512.494.1500; $$$)

IMG_1118.JPG IMG_1119.JPG IMG_2290.JPG


wink is a quiet little fine-dining place that specializes in using local ingredients to make world-worthy dishes.

location (1014 north lamar boulevard; 512.482.8868; $$$)

smitty’s in lockhart

As far as the all-around bbq experience goes in Texas, Smitty’s is the holy grill. Located in an old building off the town square of Lockhart, you enter down a long smoked-for-a-hundred-years hallway and proceed to the pits in the back. After choosing your meat, you proceed to the dining area for a Big Red (traditional), white bread, and an avocado before settling down to business with a sheet of brisket and cue armed with only a knife and an appetite. Moving from dark and heat into light and cool is like being reborn with a plate of meat in your hand. All in all, it can’t be beat. No m’am, it can’t be beat…

location ( 208 south commerce, lockhart, texas; 512.398.9344; $$)

IMG_0723.JPG  IMG_0719.JPG  IMG_0720.JPG


When we lived in the ‘hood, we would go here a lot (almost every Saturday morning) because it was practically right outside our front door, but we would come even if we lived across town. Fabulous breakfast tacos and delicioso sandwiches in a quaint old house in the Gyspy Grove neighborhood.

location (616 west 34th street; 512.420.8400; $)

IMG_2401.JPG IMG_2877.JPG IMG_2402.JPG

maria’s taco xpress

Maria’s used to be this dive (and by dive, we mean dive with a capital d) that fronted a trailer park. The land was sold to make way for condos and a drugstore. The Austin uproar was so loud that it threatened the redevelopment, so the developer made room for a new Maria’s off to the side. Maria’s is a much nicer place, and the tacos are still dee-lish.

location (2529 south lamar boulevard; 512.444.0261; $)

IMG_2880.JPG IMG_2890.JPG IMG_2883.JPG


Vespaio is a nice mid-scale place to get your Italian on. Next door is its little cafe, Enoteca, in case you’re not in the mood for all that fussiness…

location (1610 south congress avenue; 512.441.6100; $$$)

IMG_7910 IMG_7911


The z is an old fave of ours and a great place to take guests in from out of town that want a nice place to eat with southwestern flavor as well as other, more traditional, choices. Although they are no longer on the menu, they’ll still serve our favorite dish, navajo tacos, if asked. Two locations.

location central (1110 west 6th street; 512.478.5355; $$)

location north (9400 arboretum drive; 512.346.3506; $$)

IMG_7910 IMG_7910 IMG_7910

III forks

We’ve never been (we’re not big beef eaters…), but this is supposed to be THE place to get your steak on. Based on all of the great reviews and all of the famous people, local and not, that go there, it’s probably a good spot. Hopefully they hand out three spoons, too…

location (111 lavaca street; 512.474.1776; $$$)

fonda san miguel

The best place in town to get interior Mexican food. Has a great Sunday brunch to boot.

location (2330 west north loop boulevard; 512.459.4121; $$$)

IMG_1163.JPG IMG_1164.JPG IMG_1163_2.JPG

clay pit

Probably the best place in town to get some continental Indian cuisine. The building The Clay Pit is in is also quite lovely; old limestone from Austin’s olden days when Texans still fought Indians (the native kind).

location (1601 guadalupe street; 512.322.5131; $$)

upper crust bakery

What we consider to be Austin’s best breakfast bakery. The yummiest pastries, ample in portion. Real popular with the locals. Their cinnamon rolls are a whirlpool of flavor.

location (4508 burnet road; 512.467.0102; $)

IMG_0625.jpg  IMG_0626.jpg


This is THE place to go in town for sushi, the chef written up by oodles of national foodie magazines for his inventive sushiness.

location (801 south lamar boulevard; 512.916.4808; $$$)


Neat brewing coop with really really good food. Workers earn a living wage, so no tipping allowed. Onsite, local, state, and micr-brews from across the country on rapidly rotating taps.

location (7020 easy wind drive; 512.452.2337; $$$)

eastside cafe

The Eastside is an old stalwart of Austin fine dining and ahead of its time in being on the eastside before being on the eastside was cool. They focus on using fresh ingredients, including many from their gardens nearbay.

location (2113 manor road; 512.476.5858; $$$)

1886 cafe and bakery

A competently yummy little cafe that put the qua into quaint. Located in the belly button of the beautiful Driscoll Hotel.

location (604 brazos street; 512.391.7121; $$)

IMG_1229.JPG IMG_1229.JPG

hyde park bar and grill

A long stalwart of the Austin foodie scene, locals come here for local treats, including the best french fires in town.

location (4206 duval street; 512.458.3168; $-$$)

IMG_1229.JPG IMG_1229.JPG IMG_1229.JPG

amy’s ice cream

We remember the first time we had shakes from Amy’s. We each drank half of what we were served and then drove home for a three hour nap… But what Amy’s is really famous for is ice cream with a barnyard of flavors that change daily and the goofy hats and antics of the cream servers. Sometime they even have Shiner Bock (and other adult-) flavored ice creams.

location (3500 guadalupe street; 512.458.6895; $)

and various other locations

IMG_1229.JPG IMG_1233.JPG IMG_1230.JPG

roaring fork

A fine-dining establishment notable for competent, good chow. Our favorites are the Big Ass Burger, a burger as big as Texas, the half-price food during happy hour, and several New Mexican items (including green chile stew and green chile macaroni & cheese). Great location in the thick of downtown; popular with the politicians and lobbyists.

location (701 congress avenue; 512.583.0000; $$$)

the hoffbrau

This is the original Hoffbrau, and it shares precious little with the chain now based on its name. This restaurant is right out of the 1930s and small-town Texas. In fact, when you walk in, you often get that authentic “Who the hell just rode in?” look from the regulars. The food is also served in a decades-old style with steaks and just about everything else literally (and we mean literally) swimming in an inch of butter (no hyperbole here, my friends…). Sadly, the Hoffbrau may be a-changing its ways, perhaps in a nod to the condo highrises sprouting about it: a couple years ago, it got air-conditioning. Blasphemy!

location (613 west 6th street; 512.472.0822; $$)

IMG_1102.JPG IMG_1114.JPG IMG_1113.JPG

second bar + kitchen

Great downtown chow from the kid sister of the next-door high end “Congress” (now closed). Special pizzas and drinks are delicious.

location (200 north congress avenue; 512.827.2750; $$)

IMG_1102.JPG IMG_1114.JPG IMG_1113.JPG

lucy’s fried chicken

Even fried chicken can’t hide from Austin gourmets! With a great selection of local beer as well as other dishes (notably oysters), Lucy’s has quickly become a stalwart of upperish scale down home cooking behind pallet architecture.

south location (2218 college avenue; 512.297.2423; $$)

north location (5408 burnet road; 512.514.0664; $$)

IMG_1102.JPG IMG_1114.JPG IMG_1113.JPG

hopdoddy burger bar

Freakin’ delicous slow-food burgers that started in Austin and starting to crawl across America.

south location (1400 south congress avenue; 512.243.7505; $)

north location (2438 a west anderson; 512.467.2337; $)

IMG_1102.JPG IMG_1102.JPG IMG_1102.JPG


This is the restaurant in the W Hotel in downtown Austin. Hipster swank decor, live music, people watching, the nearby Willie Nelson statue, and delicious food make this a great weekend morning brunch spot.

location (200 lavaca street; 512.542.3660; $$$)


swift’s attic

Very cool and hip place with fantastic food. A fave of a number of our friends. Tapas-like in its dishes with inventive cocktails. Near the Sixth Street District.

location (315 congress avenue; 512.482.8842; $$-$$$)

IMG_1102.JPG IMG_1102.JPG IMG_1102.JPG


Another warm and hip place with great food.

location (301 east 6th street; 512.474.9898; $$-$$$)

IMG_1102.JPG IMG_1102.JPG IMG_1102.JPG

walton’s fancy & staple

Neat little cafe on in the west 6th district owned by Sandra Bullock. Great for brunch.

location (500 west 6th street; 512.542.3380; $$)

IMG_1102.JPG IMG_1114.JPG IMG_1114.JPG

24-hr chow

Whenever we’re out with friends and it gets past 3 am, we look at each other and yelp “Pancakes!” There’s something about being out too late that prompts additional lateness for flapjacks. Of course, all these local faves serve other items as well…

kirby lane cafe

This place = pancakes. Gonna go get some now…

location (3704 kirby lane; 512.445.4451; $)

other locations

magnolia cafe

location (2304 lake austin boulevard; 512.478.8645; $)

other locations

24 diner

location (600 north lamar; 512.472.5400; $$)

IMG_1188.JPG IMG_1189.JPG IMG_1190.JPG


My personal fave is the “Eye Opener”: two fluffy biscuits piled high with scrambled eggs and gravy. Just what you need before you head out to dig a big hole or something. Pancakes and migas are also excellent. Waitstaff are excellently tattood with great taste in tunage.

location (3101 north IH-35; 512.478.7107; $)

IMG_1188.JPG IMG_1189.JPG IMG_1190.JPG

alamo drafthouse

If you are the multi-tasking sort, then this is the place for you: at the Alamo Drafthouse you can watch a movie, eat lunch or dinner, and drink a few beers without leaving your seat. Eternal witsters, the Alamo provides specialized pre-film fill material that is often better than the film. For special events, they tie the menu to the film. An Austin original.

location (320 east 6th street; 512.476.1320; $$)

other locations

IMG_9902.JPG IMG_1145.JPG IMG_1143.JPG


Until Aster’s came along, I thought Ethiopeans ate bugs and whatever got dropped from airplanes. Now I know that they like spicy food eaten with a spongey flat bread. Eat like an Ethiopean and don’t use a fork!

location (2804 north IH-35; 512.469.5966; $$)


Real yummy tacos from the low end of the budget spectrum via the good folks at Manuel’s. Particularly wonderful are the agua frescas: refreshing Mexican fruit drinks made daily that you can mix and match (and drink all you want!).

location (3023 guadalupe street; 512.480.8226; $)


Stylish downtown Mexican restaurant with real good food. We are particulary fond of their soups: tortilla and black bean. Live music during Sunday Brunch often provided by our buds, Son y No Son.

location (310 congress avenue; 512.472.7555; $$$)

IMG_9902.JPG IMG_1145.JPG IMG_1143.JPG