what we ate way back in october of ’22

The Machaca at Kiki's in El Paso regular latte from Black Bear Coffee Shop (Cloudcroft, New Mexico) red and green chicken enchiladas from CJ's Si Senor Restaurant in Alamogordo (New Mexico) Waterloo Ice House (take out) homemade from Farmhouse kit fried green tomato benedict from Kerbey Lane (San Marcos) chickn winds at project pollo (san … Continue reading what we ate way back in october of ’22


You could taste and savor every element of each sando. The Smokey Sally performed with notes of avocado, mascarpone cream cheese, cucumber, and romaine in harmony with with the yuzu smoked salmon. I particularly liked the Tamago Sando with a sky of fluffy, Japanese-style egg salad embracing the rising halfsun of a soft-boiled egg.


Poke-Poke stays on the traditional side, leaving their dishes fish-forward (no Flaming Hots here, my friends). You order fast-casual style, first choosing a recipe that ranges from basic to spicy to vegan (pressed tofu instead of fish), then choosing a size and base, then adding included and/or premium ingredients.

what we ate way back in september of ’22

quiche from Brentwood Social House California Omelet from Kirby Lane Cafe (San Marcos) Jewish Migas at JewBoy Sub Shop Puffy Tacos at Vivo's Fish Tostadas at Lost Creek Country Club Spinach feta brioche from Texas French Bread Puffy Tacos from Ray's Drive Inn (San Antonio) homemade green chile chicken enchiladas the chile we made for … Continue reading what we ate way back in september of ’22

monkey nest coffee

The Monkey Muffin was a bit of dietary overkill after inhaling the Hungry Monkey, but I put my life on the line every day for our dedicated readers, so I dove in. And it was a sticky, nutty, and delicious mess that brought back pleasant memories of making monkey bread with mom in the early 80s.