n is for native bar & kitchen

We were expecting a sit-down restaurant, but it’s really, in its current form, a bar and coffee house with food slung up by a Ranch Hand trailer out back. Further complicating matters is that this is really a hotel bar or, more accurately, a hostel bar associated with Native Experiential Hostels. But don’t let these little facts dampen your plans: Native is a hip place that oozes with interesting people, great drinks, and decent eats.

district kitchen+cocktails

One of the golden rules of restaurant reviewing is not to evaluate an eatery during its opening weeks. There are always bugs (hopefully not literal…) to cleaver as new staff learns new processes with new clientele. Nonetheless, we stopped into District Kitchen+Cocktails mere days after they debuted in the hope that, since this ain’t their first buffalo burger, they know what they’re doing. We were not disappointed.

el bruno’s restaurante y cantina (albuquerque nm)

My first plate at El Bruno’s, at their original location in Cuba, New Mexico, some 20 years ago, is on my list of top-ten memorable meals. My wife, her family, and me—all red chile veterans—randomly stopped in on the way to the Four Corners to fly fish the San Juan. The red was a stunning … Continue reading el bruno’s restaurante y cantina (albuquerque nm)