Austin comes and goes. These are some of our favorite things that are no more…

leslie (passed away)

Austin is blessed with an abundance of homeless crossdressers that run for mayor, and the bearded, lanky, and bethonged Leslie is most certainly the most beloved. Hard to predict where Leslie might be, but downtown around 6th and Congress and the Bouldin Creek Coffeehouse (1501 South First) are good places to start your hunt…


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elsi’s (closed)

Cut from the same napkin as Las Manitas (the owners used to work at the Manitas) and serving comida influenced by El Salvador, Elsi’s is one of our regular breakfast stops. We recommend the horchata (that white drink down there…) and huevos motulenos. Elsi’s almost went out of business when the dive it rented got scraped for a new development. However, another developer–a big fan of the restaurant–set them up in their new location. See: Not all developers are bad! They eat breakfast too!

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flip happy crepes (closed)

One of the very first food trailers in town that got noticed for fine food (and started the trailer food boom).

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woodland (closed)

Covered (literally) in bark, this restaurand sports a concrete tree and some of the tastiest drinks we’ve ever imbibed this side of forever. The chow is upscale Americana, and the waitstaff look like models right out of ReadyMade. Don’t eat like a bird!

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(the original) emo’s (closed)

This is our punk rock piss-in-a-trough club that has become an Austin institution with indoor and outdoor stages and impressive lineups of local and touring bands night after night after night. So many good (and bad…) memories here.

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