broken spoke


location (3201 south lamar boulevard; 512.442.6189)

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continental club

Recently declared an historic landmark, the Continental Club has been an Austin icon for many a decade on SoCo before SoCo was SoCo. Specializing in rockabilly, swing, and roots rock, there will be east coasting on the dancefloor if there’s room…


location (1315 south congress avenue; 512.441.0202)


After closing the original emo’s (a sad, sad, day…), the owners have reopened in a much nicer spot across the river and I-35 (and have real bathrooms (although the trough was part of the charm).


location (2015 east riverside drive)

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Yes, it’s a bbq joint (bbq = okay…), but it is also a destination live music venue with a small stage/bar inside for local bands and a large multi-thousand outside venue out back for roadshows. Stubb’s tends to pull in name bands to play out back.


location (801 red river street; 512.480.8341)

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The great gran-pappy of live music venues, Antone’s is often credited with starting Austin’s music scene. Focused primarily on blues, at least historically, the club has extended its oeuvre a bit.


location (213 west 5th street; 512.320.8424)

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