We’ve found that for folks of the geeky flavor, this is a must visit on the north side of town. Electronics store extraordinaire…

interwebs12707 north mopac expressway; (512) 733-7000

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toy joy

A goofy little toy store where adults and kids will both be at home. The best toy store we’ve ever been in.

interwebs403 west 2nd street; (512) 320-0090

second location: 4631 airport boulevard; (512) 904-0209

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uncommon objects

Nifty little antique store that used to be on SoCo 😦 that has now at a new location.

interwebs1602 fortview road; (512) 442-4000

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We used to haul our butts down to Houston to visit the wonder world called IKEA, but now there is one just north of town. If you like inexpensive Swedish furniture and meatballs, the trek is worth the trek.

interwebs1 IKEA way, round rock; 512.828.4532

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design within reach

If you like sleek modern furniture, this is a great place to check out and gawk. Oddly, it all still seems out of reach…

interwebs; 11800 Domain Blvd, Suite 170; (512) 472-7200

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breed & co.

A clever place where, among the more traditional couples, the husbands go left and the wives go right. Those of us who are less inhibited go both ways…

interwebs718 west 29th street; (512) 474-6679

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The spanish word for “treasures” is “tesoros”, and indeed this store is full of them. The best import store in Austin, it holds loot galore for all budgets and is a must-see if you’re looking for trinkets from south of the border and beyond.

interwebs1500 south congress avenue; (512) 479-8377

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The coolest bookstore in town with a plethora of spoken word and author events as well as neat gifts and a (what’s another word for plethora?) of magazines. Near 6th and Lamar.

interwebs603 north lamar boulevard; (800) 853-9757

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outlet malls north and south

Sometimes all folks care about is “Quick! Where’s the nearest outlet mall!” Well, here they are, one to the north and one to the south:

interwebs; 4401 IH-35 north, round rock; (512) 863-6688

interwebs; 3939 IH-35 south, san marcos; (512) 396-2200