99 gloves

So this is the corollary to “99 masks,” what I call “99 gloves,” which are photographs of gloves I found while picking up litter during my daily pandemic strolls. Most of these are from my Austin neighborhood in Allandale, but there are also masks from other parts of town, San Marcos, and San Antonio.

Similar to discarded masks, I find gloves interesting because discarded gloves speak of discarded humanity. Although mostly blue, the gloves have a variety of colors, including an orange one that somehow seemed to be rah’ing the Longhorns. The gloves I found had mostly lost their mates, but some I found together. Some gloves look like discarded condoms.

Sadly, these gloves are everywhere, part of our every day pandemic life and, accordingly, litter. Remember: litter on the land is also litter in our waterways. Please dispose of your gloves properly. This is art that shouldn’t be.

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