fuel coffee house (llano tx)

Right around the corner from the newly installed Tesla superchargers in Llano is Fuel Coffee House, the community’s downtown coffee shop. Fuel has everything you’d want in a small-town espresso shop: the historic building, the bricks and worn wooden floors, the free wi-fi, the bulletin board of local art events (and deer processing), the stage for live music, the side of Jesus, and, of course, the solid cup of the espresso-based drink of your choice. In addition to the requisite caffeines, Fuel serves up smoothies, iced tea, soda, and breads and pastries.

Speaking of the side of Jesus, Fuel was started in 2007 when members of a local church liquidated their assets to form this non-profit, pro-prophet, non-denominational coffee house, the first of its kind in the Hill Country.

We’ve only stopped in for a charge while charging up the car around the corner, but Fuel has become one of our fave Hill Country coffee shops. Downtown is highly walkable with the courthouse, square, and river right there.

Fuel Coffee House; 106 east main street, llano, texas; (325)247-5272; closed Sundays

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