what we ate way back in october of ’22

The Machaca at Kiki’s in El Paso
regular latte from Black Bear Coffee Shop (Cloudcroft, New Mexico)
red and green chicken enchiladas from CJ’s Si Senor Restaurant in Alamogordo (New Mexico)
Waterloo Ice House (take out)
homemade from Farmhouse kit
fried green tomato benedict from Kerbey Lane (San Marcos)
chickn winds at project pollo (san antonio)
chips, salsa, and queso at trudy’s north star
house margarita at The Blind Salamander in San Marcos, Texas
Bird Bird Biscuit on Manor Road
Asian Noodle Salad
leftovers from Shu Shu’s
Sante Fe enchiladas with chicken and an egg at Texican Cafe on Menchaca
ramen made from a Farmhouse kit
pulled pork biscuit from Brisket
sherry cream chicken meatballs and rice from a kit by Farmhouse

fruit sando from Choo

chicken and mushroom meat pie from Burnet Go To

tuna melt from Swedish Hill

Barley Swine

Barley Swine

The Hungry Horse in Boerne, Texas

special brat with Dai Due sourkraut for the Austin FC game at Burnet Go To

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