voodoo doughnut

Many moons ago, we stayed at a random hotel in downtown Portland. When the sun rose, we shuffled out of our room for coffee and breakfast. A block away, by happenstance, was Stumptown and the most memorably good latte we’ve ever had. And then, down the street, there was Voodoo Doughnut, a shady-looking joint run by what looked like a dissolved goth band. But the doughnuts were fun (covered in Captain Crunch! is that a slice of bacon?) and decent. Fast forward many (many) years, and Voodoo is taking its dark magic across the country, including, now, at 5408 Burnet.

The Voodoos these days are less shady (and more swept), but the doughnuts still swing goofily, with Voodoo Bubble (with a piece of bubblegum!); Bacon Maple Bar (bacon!);  Oh Captain, My Captain (Captain Crunch!); Voodoo Doll (it has a “pin” in it!); Marshall Mathers (covered in M&Ms!); and Ring of Fire (cayenne!). There are also several NSFW doughnuts, including Old Dirty Bastard (chunky!), Maple Blazer Blunt (don’t bogart my doughnut!), Diablos Rex (is that a pentagram?), Butterfingering (hmmm…), and the, well, let’s refer to it as Rooster N’ Spheres (and, yes, it’s full of Bavarian crème; thank you for asking). I think it’s safe to say that if you are waiting for a Voodoo in Waco, you’re gonna be waiting awhile. But vegans rejoice ‘cause they got ten vegan voodoos.

The dough is Krispy Crème style, so puffy and soft. The Voodoo Doll bleeds with raspberry jelly and was quite delish but wasn’t nearly as cute as the photo; the Oh Captain and Marshall Mathers looked as advertised, while the Diablos Rex appeared to have been made by an angry Christian. But looks aside, these are all good doughnuts and a fun place to go. Good things do indeed come in pink boxes.

Voodoo Doughnuts, www.voodoodoughnut.com, (737) 977-6669

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