strolling downtown during the plague

Screen Shot 2020-05-28 at 2.55.40 PM

In a fit of cabin fever (and fearing the lack of public restrooms during a longer trip), the bride and I cruised (and strolled a wee bit) downtown in search of COVID-inspired murals and graffiti. We were pleasantly surprised by the general lack of people: downtown and its eastern and western flanks were, for the most part, dead. There were some bars open and lots of COVID-transmission-friendly activities happening among the folks downtown. I would say 90 percent of folks weren’t wearing masks, and of those that did, maybe half had them on properly. As mask wearers, we got some looks. Corner beggars weren’t wearing masks, which seems like poor marketing. The bride said that bars could be open but that siding up to the bar and live music were prohibited. None of the bars we could see into were prohibiting bar siding, and there were several live acts banging out their sets.

As for the street art? It didn’t disappoint! Because bars could legally open on Friday, many of the murals on previously-boarded-up establishments were sadly gone, but there was still plenty to gawk at.

IMG_2714 (1)

IMG_2655 (1)

IMG_2672 (1)

IMG_2658 (1)

IMG_2789 (1)

IMG_2747 (1)

IMG_2720 (1)

IMG_2669 (1)



IMG_2798 (1)

IMG_2795 (1)


IMG_2777 (1)

IMG_2771 (1)

IMG_2765 (1)

IMG_2759 (2)

IMG_2756 (1)

IMG_2753 (1)

IMG_2750 (1)


IMG_2744 (1)


IMG_2738 (1)

IMG_2732 (1)


IMG_2717 (1)

IMG_2711 (1)


IMG_2699 (1)






IMG_2675 (1)

IMG_2666 (1)

IMG_2663 (1)


IMG_2759 (1)

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