The Roosevelt Room drink delivery

Geoff admires the glorious Vodkadora.

It goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyway: COVID sucks. In the beverage business, it really sucks for bars and the associated mixologists where they are open one moment and closed the next (how you get drunks to adhere to masking and distancing rules has got to be difficult, especially if non-adherence political and they are armed).

One of our accidental, but now weekly, traditions is ending the week with a DJ set of radical retro remixes (; every Friday at 5p Central) and a new mixed beverage. Thus far, the bride has been mixing the drinks while I have been mixing the tunes, but this past Friday we did something different and ordered drinks from The Roosevelt Room.

The Roosevelt hosts some of the best mixologists in town, and they did not disappoint. The Roosies offer up a herd of bevs, including the Cigar Box (mezcal, smoked black tea syrup, lavender bitters, tobacco essence, and cinnamon; $40), Lion’s Tail (bourbon, allspice, cinnamon syrup, lime, demerara, angostura bitters, and lime oils; $40), the Penicillin (blended scotch, islay scotch, honey & ginger syrup, and lemon; $40), and the perhaps poorly-titled-for-these-times Corpse Revier #2 (dry gin, house triple sec, cocchi americano, lemon, absinthe, and marasca cherry; $36). Given the bride’s love of raspberries, she chose the Vodkadora (vodka, raspberry, ginger syrup, lime juice, and Topo Chico; $36).

As you probably already saw, these ain’t off-the-HEB-shelf-Mr.-T mixers at 36 to 40 bucks for 8.5 ounces (80 to 100 smackers for 25 ounces). You also need to order at least one food item (Rosemary-Parmesan Popcorn for $4 or Sweet & Spiced Roasted Nuts for $6) to meet legal requirements. With a $10 delivery fee and a 20% tip (and you dang well best be tipping twenties, homies), you’re talking $60 for three drinks. On the other hand, if you appreciate the best in mixed drinks, this is about what you’d be paying if you went out pre-vid, so there’s that.

The Vodkadora was simply amazing. It came pre-mixed (“gently shake” said the instructions) with a dried bloodlime garnish and delivered by a kind Roosie. Every sip was a smile and a reminder of the better knots in this mortal coil. Our only mistake was not ordering the 25 ouncer.

You can also order the non-alcholic Castaway (mint, cucumber, lime juice, coconut cream, sweetgrass tincture, ginger beer; $20) as well as a variety of decently-priced cans and bottles of beer, champagne, wine, cocktail gear, and even one of their menus.

Drinks this good demand a night out with friends, but they were just as tasty hanging out in the living room with the cats (and the cats won’t try to steal your drink or short the bill).

as delivered
The Vodkadora in its natural habitat.

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