allandale quick bites (fourth bimester 2020)

COVID-19 claimed the tater tots at Be More Pacific

As the pandemic continues, I worry more and more about our chow slingers. Restaurants are stringbean operations to begin with, so operating at less-than-full, less-than-ideal conditions is challenging. More and more of our food establishments are concerned about their long-term viability. With federal support of small businesses ending soon—and the outbreak getting out of hand in Texas—we could see a lot of closed grills by the end of the year. If you are financially, socially, and emotionally able, please get out there and support your favorite local restaurants!

Fortunately, we’ve only had two covid-closures so far as of late July with Be More Pacific sadly joining Chocolaterie Tessa in permanently shutting its doors. Nearby casualties include China Café on West Anderson Lane, The Dart Bowl over on Grover, and the legendary Threadgill’s on Lamar. Yumilicious in The Village also recently shut down, but it’s unclear why. On the brighter side, Zen opened back up, Enchiladas y Mas reopened, and Whataburger now delivers. We even have some new places to crow about, with the delicious Bird Bird Biscuit announcing plans to open in the old Thunderbird on West Koenig, Backspace now open at 1745 West Anderson (pizza!), and the pick-up and delivery-only Kitchen United Mix now hosting 12 ghost kitchens with more on the way (including a new offering from Eldorado). Finally, the poor folks smoking BBQ over at Lala’s Little Nugget, after first having to change their name from Stubb’s BBQ to Do-Rite BBQ now have another new name—Metcalf BBQ—after a Chicago donut shop challenged them. May the third name be a charm!

Kudos-wise, Austin Chronicle readers voted Conan’s Pizza the best pie in town (their northern outpost is at 2348 West Anderson). Austin Culturemap listed its five best restaurants in town, including two in our stomach-hood: Bufalina (Due) and dipdipdip Tatsu-Ya. And the city’s second-best restaurant reviewer, Matthew Odam of the Austin American-Statesman, gave megaprops to the JewBoy Burgers Goyim Burger (soon moving to Airport Blvd.) as well as Seoulja at Kitchen United Mix. Thrillist listed DipDipDip, Lick Honest, and Amy’s among the ten best ice creams in town. Now get eatin’!

I wrote this article for the Allandale Neighbor

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