dipdipdip pop-up

Chicken Karaage

The pandemic has been hard on restaurants, especially intimate ones like dipdipdip shabu shabu where the next table is right next to you. In response, dipdipdip has turned into a sandwich dipping pop-up called, appropriately enough, dipdipdip pop-up. The dipdipdip pop-up offers beef (24-hour Texas Wagyu, wasabi ranch, garden pickles, and sweet-n-spicy chowchow, with umami jus dipping sauce; $12.75), chicken karaage (with kosho lime mayo, smoked jalapeno pickel, tomato, and tankatsu; $9.75), shrimp tempura (with cabbage, avocado, tomato, tonkatsu sauce, spicy mayo, and negri with spicy miso dipping sauce; $13.75), and veggie (pimento cheese, charred broccolini, pickled green tomatoes, and sunflower sprouts with spicy mayo dipping sauce; $10.75) sandwiches with a daily special (that may or may not be a sandwich). For sides, they offer the Pow!tato (crispy smashed potatoes with nori furitake; $3.5)) and a summer melon salad (melons, red onion, sweet rice vinegar, soy, yukari, mint, and lemon zest; $3.5).

The beef sandwich with the umami jus is like taking a ride through the Tunnel of Love at the state fair with someone googoo-eyed: slow, steamy, hands all over, and ends too soon. Truly one of the best sandwiches I’ve ever had. Ample beef flavor where the sliced Wagyu melts with each chew after a healthy dip into the jus. The Pow!tato is a nice crispy co-pilot to the feather bed of the sandwich. The Bride enjoyed the chicken karaage and shrimp tempura sandwiches, but didn’t need a shower afterward like I did.

Shrimp Tempura
Beef Sandwich
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