allandale quick bites (first bimester 2021)

Tony C’s is now open!

A new year, a beautiful snow, vaccines, and the promise of spring. Will we get to eat inside our favorite (and future favorite) restaurants soon? I sure hope so (although “soon” may still be this fall). For the time being, keep partaking of take-out, delivery, and, if safe, on-site eating at our restaurants. A pal that works as a waiter for one of our finer neighborhood establishments says that he and his co-workers are amazed that customers tip 20% (us among them) for take-out and delivery. We do this because (1) we’re fortunate enough that we can and (2) we value our restaurants and restaurant workers. And it seems to be working! Very few of our restaurants have failed. Keep it up, folks!

Impressively, with all that has been going on (pandemic, threats to democracy), brave souls are opening new restaurants. Shortie’s Pizza and Grinders (7858 Shoal Creek) is now baking up New England Greek-style pizza. Tony C’s Pizza & Beer Garden (2900 West Anderson) and Thom’s Market (5901 Burnet) are also now open. Somehow, I missed that there’s something wonderful called Baked by Amys, a delivery-only shop run by Amy’s Ice Creams out of their neighborhood location. You can order cupcakes, cakes, and pies online and have them delivered to your door.

We tried Old Thousand at 4805 Burnet and found it really good (review coming soon). Kitchen United Mix has added Mission Street Burrito, Plant B, Plow Burger, and Yalla Mediterranean to the mix while losing PF Changs To Go, Ramen 512, and Seoulja. The 5555 Burnet trailer park now has DAWA (sushi and kimchi), Judy’s Mediterranean, and Little Beast Slider Co. EurAsia, a ramen, poke, and sushi joint, opened February 1st at 5222 Burnet Road. Meanwhile, we wait with unsated breath for the openings of Rise (The Grove), Wingstop (2900 West Anderson; opening soon), Three Little Bears Clubhouse (2900 Anderson Lane), and Bird Bird Biscuit (1401 West Koenig). Sadly, Tea Amo and Pho Saigon have both closed.

Kudos-wise, those carb snorters at Eater mentioned Tumble 22 and Tiny Pies among “17 Austin Restaurants with Great Takeout Options,” Shortie’s Pizza and Grinders and Luck’s Wagyu Burger Shoppe among “14 Exciting Austin Restaurants to Check Out Right Now,” Hi Wings and Le Bleu among “21 of the Sauciest, Crispiest, and Spiciest Chicken Wings in Austin,” and Peached Tortilla among “Where to Order Austin’s Best Cocktails.”

Thrillest mentioned “The Wundershowzen” at Juiceland, “Southern Fun” at The Peached Tortilla, and “Coconut Creme Pie” at Chez Zee American Bistro as among “The 30 Most Essential Austin Experiences.” Thrillest included Citizen Eatery in its list of “Where to Get the Best Vegan and Vegetarian Food in Austin;” and name-dropped Haru Ramen and Ramen Tatsu-ya (grandaddy of dipdipdip which has ramen on the menu) as where to “Warm Up with the Best Ramen Bowls in Austin.” Austin360 included Austin Cake Ball, Austin Kolache & Koffee Shoppe, Baked by Amys, Fluff Meringues & More, Kellie’s Baking Co., La Patisserie, Lone Star Kolaches, Russell’s Bakery, San Francisco Bakery & Café, Tiny Pies, and Upper Crust in their list of “Central Texas Bakeries to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth.”

Until next time, keep on eatin’!

Thom’s Market is now open!
coming soon!

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