austin diner

The Austin Diner used to be a regular spot for us before we moved into Allandale, back when the diner occupied a quaint art-deco spot along Burnet Road, now occupied by Lucy’s Fried Chicken (and consequently [and sadly] palletized). We were heartbroken that the Diner left that iconic building for a spot down the street in a soulless strip mall. As a consequence, we didn’t follow the diner to the new location.

With the death of The Frisco, I needed a new place for your basic bacon-n-eggs. So we ventured back into the Diner for probably the first time in 15 years. Although the diner is in, yes, a soulless strip mall, they have honestly made the best of it. A corner spot helps with natural light and the dreaded tunnel feel, and all the old mixers and blenders are there as are the checkered floors, booths, bar, chrome, and the clink and clatter of an open kitchen. Most importantly, the good food is still there with massive portions and all the required staples. “Breakfast all day.” is the best poem in the world, and they deliver from 7am to 3pm.

I ordered the Double Trouble (two eggs, two sausage patties, two strips of bacon, two biscuits with sausage gravy and home fries; $11) while The Bride went with her old ordering stand-by, Migas (two eggs scrambled with sauteed onions, cilantro, jalapenos, tomato, and tortilla strips topped with cheese and served with home fries, refried beans, and flour tortillas; $9.8). As you might imagine, we needed a box. What can I say about the food except that the plates met our expectations.

There’s not much of an available backstory to the Austin Diner. It’s been here since 1994, and I believe that it has changed hands a few times from the original owner. The staff are fun and friendly while they attend to a steady stream of regulars.

web&where: interwebs; 5222 Burnet Road; (512) 467-9552
what’s the deal? diner dining with breakfast all day (table service)
overall: ** (food**; drink**; atmosphere**; service***; instagrammability**)
cost: $

our scale:
–          meh [think twice]
*         OK [it’ll get the job done]
**       good [solid neighborhood joint]
***     damn good [we’ll definitely be back]
****   yippity-yikes that was amazeballs [fantastic; one of the best]
***** holy sh!t [transcendental; best of the best] each $ = $10; cost is based on a typical dinner entrée and appetizer (no drinks)

each $ = $10; cost is based on a typical dinner entrée and appetizer (no drinks)

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