allandale quick bites (fifth bimester 2021)

Cake from Pflour Shop Bakery (photo from Pflour’s Pfacebook page)

Along with the first blustery cool winds of fall come the promise of sane temperatures for outdoor eating and an eerie October for our local restaurant scene. Yeni’s Fusion, a new trailer at the Aristocrat Lounge (the former Poodle Dog), slings up Indonesian fare with a flare (Yeni is a gem). Chicken Fried Austin, Austin Burger Company, and ATX Sliders have opened ghost kitchens at Kitchen United. Trudy’s North Star is back from the grave with a remodeled space and menu with the return of their infamous Mexican martinis and Central Texas BBQ Frankensteined into several dishes. Pflour Shop Bakery from, you guessed it: Pflugerville, will soon be firing up their ovens at 7411 Burnet. Pflour is known for their cinnamon buns and cray-cray cakes. Bird Bird Biscuit appears close to opening at their cute little spot at 1401 West Koenig Lane (“Dammit,” cursed The Bride as we drove by, “there goes our waistlines.”). We also received word that East Side Pies will be back in the area at the old Hey Cupcake! location on Burnet. And Allandalers Michael Hodge and Grace McNamara are opening DiscoverEats, a delivery service catering to travelers, party hosts, and foodies.

No changes at the 5000 Burnet Trailer Park, but there appears to have been a chainsaw massacre at Kitchen United. Bubble House, Buffalo’s Express, Fatburger, Hurricane Wings, Mulan Kitchen, Yalla Mediterranean, and Bao’d Up all went belly up. I reported last time that our Luby’s died, lived another day, but now appears to be on death’s door due to, what else, the wooden stake-to-the-heart of redevelopment. Luann’s Platter may get splattered after all. There’s been activity at ye olde Yumilicious location at The Village. Permits at the city tell me that this is turning into an IVitamin. Although not exactly a restaurant, it is a place to intravenously get vitamins and hydration. That sounds like a horror show to me (drink a glass of water and eat a handful of Flintstones chewables fer cry eye!) but to each its hydrated own.

The Kudos Monster has been active the past bimester. Eater Austin named Upper Crust Bakery among their “Vital Breakfast Spots to Jumpstart Your Day in Austin.” Thrillest listed Hopdoddy Burger Bar and The Peached Tortilla among the “14 Best Burger Joints in Austin,” included Neighbor Coffee & Friends among their list of “New Austin Food Trucks to Try Right Now,” and complimented épicerie and Bidermann’s Deli for their soups. CultureMap Austin included Bufalina Due and The Peached Tortilla among its “9 Austin Neighborhood Restaurants That Feed Our Souls.” Austin Chronicle gave a nod toward the breakfast sandwiches at Austin Diner and Nervous Charlie’s. Although summer is leaving us like Godzilla returning to Toyko Bay, Austin Culturemap hyped the truffled egg salad sandwich from Local Foods, pesche con prosciutto e burrata from Andiamo Ristorante, and the corn dumplings from Old Thousand among their “10 Best Restaurants for Summer Bites.”

Until next time, remember: treats, not tricks!

I wrote this review for the Allandale Neighbor.

bird bird biscuit’s storefront on Koenig Lane approaches completion
Pflour Shop Bakery going in on Burnet
Yeni’s Fusion is open in front of Aristocrat Lounge (ye olde Poodle Dog Lounge)
one of Yeni’s Indonesian concoctions

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