what we ate way back in november of ’22

Pie Society in San Marcos, Texas

Nitro cold brew (and a dash of whole milk) from Burnet Go To‘s One Star Coffee

brisket taco and shrimp taco at Dos Batos Tacos


mushroom enchiladas from a kitchen kit by Farmhouse

sushi from Uchiko

pollo pirata tacos from Dos Batos

green chile and peperoni pizza from East Side Pies

turkey chili (homemade)

breakfast sammich from Burnet Go To

cauliflower stirfry from Farmhouse cooking kit

chicken enchiladas a la Santa Fe’s The Shed from The Wellhead in Artesia, New Mexico

green chile pepperoni pizza from Cloudcroft Brewing Company in Cloudcroft, New Mexico

scrambled eggs with red chile and toast (homemade)

red chile pork posole from Alamo Pancake & Steakhouse Grill in Alamogordo, New Mexico

tomato sauce and rigatoni (homemade)

triple shot latte from Black Bear Coffee in Cloudcroft, New Mexico

grilled trout from Rebecca’s at The Lodge in Cloudcroft, New Mexico

spicy chickpeas (homemade)

rice crispie turkey from Creative Crispies Co.

green chile cheeseburger from Lottaburger in Alamogordo, New Mexico

green chile cheeseburger from The Western Bar and Grill in Cloudcroft, New Mexico

red chile chicken enchiladas from Big Daddy’s Diner in Cloudcroft, New Mexico

Greenberg smoked turkey

lentils (homemade)

squash soup

Thanksgiving dinner!

apple pie from the Old Apple Barn in Mountain Park, New Mexico

latte from The Bearded Barista in San Angelo, Texas

Dum Dums bouquet at University Federal Credit Union

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