dos batos


I hadn’t eaten or even heard of Dos Batos Woodfired Tacos (2525 West Anderson Lane; $4.65; everyday 11a to 9p) until we moved into Allandale, and now those smoky tacos are among my favorites (we tend to eat here once a week). As the name says, these are woodfired tacos (mesquite; you know it when you walk in) inspired by Monterrey street food, and they are unbelievably good. Be sure to try the Pollo Hybrid (skinless chicken, pollo asado, mushrooms, bell peppers, onions, and olive oil) topped with their yummy warm salsa. Be forewarned: these tacos are addicting. This is a Top 5 taco joint!

web&where: interwebs; 2525 west anderson lane; (512) 452-0001
what’s the deal? Freakin’ woodfired tacos! fast food
overall: *** (food***; drink*; atmosphere*; service*; instagrammability*)
cost: $
does it scramble? yesh (if you have leftovers!)

about our scale:
   –         meh [think twice]
*        OK [it’ll get the job done]
**      good [solid neighborhood joint]
***    damn good [we’ll be back]
****  holy sh!t [transcendental]
each $ = $10; cost is based on a typical entree and appetizer (no drinks)

I wrote this review for the Allandale Neighbor



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