what we ate way back in december of ’22

chilaquilas from Kirbey Lane Cafe in San Marcos, Texas

Pennington’s Cakes cake (San Marcos)

torte from Dos Batos

quiche and French bread from San Francisco Bakery

homemade tomato torte (with salad)

homemade chickpea salad

shishitos at Kinda Tropical

“queso” from Nissi VegMex

‘The Chicken and the Eggs” from JewBoy Sub Shop

ravioli meal kit from Farmhouse

fish from Simar Seafood Cocina

homemade Icelandic geothermal spring bread

sushi rolls from Nori

tortilla soup from a Farmhouse mealkit

acai bowl from Deep Purpl

roasted avocado from Canje

tofu curry from Zen

tortilla soup from Trudy’s North Star

homemade eggtoast on Texas French Bread loaf and topped with green chile

sammich plate at a friend’s xmas shindig

ready for raclette at a friend’s house

xmas brunch at The Corner

chicken enchiladas at Big Daddy’s Diner in Cloudcroft NM

roasted big ol’ spud wedge’s [sic] from Lepree’s Global Comfort Food in Cloudcroft

butter croissants from KennaBelle’s (even better warmed up in an oven!)

green chile and pepperoni pizza from Downshift in Ruidoso NM

Mac n Jack Sammich from Mad Jack’s in Cloudcroft NM

hot chocolate with Skrewball peanut butter whiskey at The Western in Cloudcroft NM

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