what we ate way back in february of ’23

sad little find on the sidewalk. didn’t eat it.

bacon, egg, and cheese taco slathered with mocajete from el tacorrido

uncle bob’s world-famous christmas lobster bisk (with a drizzle of sherry)

Thai Chili Sauce Fried Rice at Thai Thai Cafe (San Marcos)

pork with garlic sauce from se7en spice

fried fish tacos from el mercado

another bowl made from a farmhouse kit

homemade matcha tea with blueberry juice and oat milk

cajun wings from wingstop

chicken katsu sando from luck’s wagyu burger shoppe

homemade fish soup

vegan breakfast tacos at kirbey lane (san marcos)

crispy dogs from ray’s drive inn

wings from chi’lantro

loaded queso from trudy’s

bento from asahi imports

chicken suiza enchiladas (topped with calientie sauce) and Trudy’s

combo ranchero from Loli’s

burger from JewBoy Burgers

chicken mole enchiladas from ZuZu’s

fish tacos from PGA Tour Grill in the El Paso airport

pizzas from Cloudcroft brewery

tortilla soup from the Mayhill Cafe in Mayhill, New Mexico

the Top Gun from Black Bear

homemade scrambled eggs with red chile in cloudcroft, nm

homemade fish stew in cloudcroft, nm

making tortillas at the Lowe’s in Alamogordo, New Mexico

tacos (???) at Chico’s Tacos in El Paso

birthday cookie!

Mochas & Javas in San Marcos

homemade birthday cake by my pal Patti (post car-seat disaster)

Thai Thai Cafe (San Marco

Krispy Kreme

Gil’s Broiler & Manske Roll Bakery

homemade lemon cookie by my pal Patti

wedding reception bbq by Black’s (San Marcos)

scone from Texas French Bread (via farmhouse)

a bowl from Honest Mary’s

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