Google Maps presents the new Foxtrot at Burnet and 49th as a grocery store, but it is much (much) more than that. It’s also a café, a third-wave coffee shop, a wine (and beer) bar, and a neat place to browse for dinner. Pitched by co-founders Mike LaVitola and Taylor Bloom as “the convenience store of the future,” it’s a corner store for millennials: hip, homey, and proudly woke, served with a side of avocado toast. Conventional thinking (“Do one thing and do it well.”) would say that the concept is flawed, but the foxtrotters do it all quite well, albeit with limited choices. To overanalogize, Foxtrot is to the original 140-character Twitter as Whole Foods is to Tolstoy’s War and Peace: The ‘trot has distilled all the good things about Whole Foods into a pithy jello shot of hip.

Although there are only two isles in the space, the shelves, fridges, and freezers are dense with exciting choices, including many local purveyors. The beer and wine choices are hip, and the ‘trot has the best selection of alcohol-free liquor and wine I’ve seen. The lattes are fantastic, as is the smoked salmon avocado toast ($13). There are also breakfast tacos and smoothies, as well as salads. We tried some of their take-out meals, including the Chicken Farro Bowl ($13) and the Carnitas Fajita Bowl ($13), both filling and good. In addition, there are soups, charcuterie, hummus, ice cream, and on and on.

Order via their app and carry out (ready in five) or get delivery within 30 minutes (something to remember when you need an emergency rosé and a bag of Cheez-Its). Our Foxtrot has limited indoor seating but two large areas to sit outdoors along with free wifi and public restrooms. Between 6:30am and 10:30pm (11pm on Fri/Sat), you can buy alcohol-free Whiskey and Tango down the aisle at Foxtrot!

Foxtrot; 4818 burnet road;; +15123449248

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