what we ate way back in april of ’23

chicken pirata tacos from Dos Batos

chicken sammich from San Francisco Bakery & Cafe

chicken suiza enchiladas from Trudy’s

migas from Waterloo Icehouse (Burnet)

Herrera red chile chicken enchiladas from El Bruno’s (Albuquerque)

hog trough scrambled with red and green at La Fonda on the Plaza (Sante Fe)

chicken enchiladas (christmas style) at Cafe Pasqual’s

crudo at Coyote Cafe (Santa Fe)

green chile hamburger at La Plazuela at La Fonda (Santa Fe)

red chile chicken enchiladas from The Shed

chipotle chicken sammich from Arturo’s

chorizo plate from Enchiladas y Mas

A Trashy Trailer Park and a Toyko Drifter from Torchy’s Tacos (San Marcos)


thesis defense muffins

farmhouse meal kit

chicken strips from Wu Chow

next-day Wu Chow scramble

biscuit from Fixe Southern House

crawfish boil at a friend’s house

chicken bowl at Industry (San Marcos)

farmhouse meal kit

Tres Enchiladas from Acenar (San Antonio)

avocado toast with salmon from foxtrot

lunch hog trough at Bob Bullock Museum

farmhouse meal kit

farmhouse meal kit

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